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We plan and implement softwares for Plc Siemens (step 7 professional, HMI software ), Allen bradley (RSLogix 5000 system software), Schneider elettric (PL7, Software HMI, Concept ), TwinCAT plc Bekoff, Plc Omron, Phoenix, Moeller Eaton, Mitsubishi, Elsist. ing, each project is guaranteed by a technical assistance service. We even implement softwares for plants monitoring and diagnostic systems SCADA-HMI Modicon 11, softwares with Codesys, LabWIEV for National Instruments systems, software planning in C/C++ and VISUAL basic. After the implement.


We design wiring diagrams for industrial plants, using Eplan elettric P8, Ruplan, Spac automation, Spac plants, See electrical and Autocad systems. Than, we dedicate ourselves to build and cable power panels, and to implement the system.


Mechanical, electrical and fluidic installation, and robot fitting out. Welding robots programming, handling and painting, off-line robot programming with Process Simulate, Robcad e Robcad Expert on robots such as: PANASONIC, COMAU, ABB, KUKA, FANUC. Welding guns fitting out and assembly: hanging and fixed clamps, robot clamps, hanging welding guns ergonomics, welding parameters management and control, welding processes control and centralized management.


We study and plan preliminary drafts with computer systems Catia, Solidworks, Unigrafics, Fides, Autocad. We realize: automotive lines, duo-rail conveyors, skid transport lines, rolling shutters, AGV Power free systems, LCA storages, stacking forklifts, equipments and grippers, welding systems, industrial automatic and semi-automatic machines, robotized welding machines, mechanic equipments for assembly and welding, robotized welding and handling workstations, vision systems, stapling lines, assembly lines, automatic parkings, skillet movement and transport, automatic storages, biogas plants.